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New! Get a 20% bonus on recharges through 31 Dec 2018. (Pay $1500, get $1800 credit; $1000 minimum)

New! Gift part of your balance to someone, get $50 IEdit Credit or an Amazon gift certificate. Learn more below.
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Prepayment clients have access to exclusive deals. Check back for updates.
Fine Print on Offers

20% bonus on recharges through 31 Dec 2018
$1000 minimum charge, no cap. Dr. Smith, your initial balance was $4072.45; from now until 31 Dec 2018, such a prepayment would
result in a balance of $4072.45*1.2 = $4886.94. That's a ~$815 bonus. Are we nuts? Absolutely not -- big payments provide extra value,
such as funds to invest into advertising, etc., justifying such a bonus.

Gifting earns you $50 per new balance
Person gifted must be a practicing scientist/staff or final-year PhD candidate, and must not yet have a balance. $250 minimum gift, no
cap (gift 3 people, earn a $150 credit/certificate). Gift amounts are in multiples of $250 ($250, $500, $750, $1000, $1250...).

Why gift? (It's really an investment)
  • Offer to fund a paper by gifting a coauthor (vs. paying for it directly) and you get $50 back.
  • Want to hire a PhD student for some assistance but don't have a budget line item for it? Maybe s/he could use an editing
    budget started with a prepayment gift.
  • Academics are famous collaborators – Author A does/funds this, Author B that. Trade a collaborator an editing balance of X
    dollars for Y hours of work by his/her research assistant or students, or for help conducting a survey or interviews.
  • Most researchers have time-limited grants/budgets and they lose unused funds when that time expires. In this sense, most
    prepay balances are surplus funds "saved from being lost." If you have funds from previous years and more on the way, it may
    pay to gift some to a friend or colleague who may not have an editing budget but can cover other expenses – say, travel/hotel
    stays or registration fees for symposia and workshops.

What's in it for us?
  • International Edit values regular, long-term clients, and prepayments result in long-term collaboration. Further, we want to
    reward our most loyal customers, and prepayment clients will receive the very best deals we can offer.
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