You truly had 98-99
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that's unheard of in
the industry. Thanks
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superb job.
-Timothy Bayley, CEO
MedWrite International
Medical Transcriptions
Note that we work with digital files (.wav, .mp3, etc) only. Two of us transcribe
each file. The first editor transcribes as carefully as possible, the second editor
listens to the file while reading the draft transcription. S/he fixes errors, identifies
difficult terminology, and formats the text to give it structure & make it easy to read.
We offer three levels of service. Fees are expressed in U.S. currency.

α Multiple Speakers ($5 per recorded minute)
For meetings of 3+ participants with or without accents. We regularly transcribe
discussions among 10-20 professionals. We identify all speakers, separate out
statements spoken simultaneously by different people, and fulfill special requests
(e.g., break down text by slide for presentations, format certain way, etc.).

β One or Two Speakers ($4 per recorded minute)
Same as above, but with only 1 or 2 speakers, we can transcribe faster. Note: We
often listen to problematic statements 10+ times to get it right. Our transcriptions
have appeared on CDs as running text (like subtitles) matching the video/audio.

γ Get it on paper! ($3 per recorded minute)
When presentation (easy reading) doesn't matter, speakers need not be listed, &
identifying technical terms isn't critical (can guess & highlight for your review).

Turnaround schedule

**Expedited/priority service = 1/2 turnaround time for an additional 50% charge**
Half the deadline!

Multiple: $7.50/minute
One-Two: $6/minute
Paper!: $4.50/minute
Confidentiality statement: All information with which IEdit is in any way involved
remains strictly confidential. In addition, both editors assigned to your audio will
sign your confidentiality agreement, if applicable, before starting a project.
**References who will
vouch for our quality and
confidentiality available
upon request**
Recorded hours
Business days (M-F)
up to 2
4 business days
2 to 4
6 business days
4 to 6
8 business days
6 to 8
10 business days
8 to 10
12 business days
10 or more
let's talk
Get it done right the first time

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-Lee, Michigan, USA