I just got through your
comments and edits,
and once again, it is
fantastic! It is so hard
for me to write, and
you make it seem so
easy! Also, your
questions are really
helpful, help me see
things from the reader’
s point of view.
Thanks again!
-Michael, Sydney, Australia
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Writing a paper in a foreign language can be an intimidating, difficult, and time-
consuming task -- and very often results in a paper that does not convey precisely
what you want. That's why we offer translations + editing for one special fee.

Each translation receives a full edit (worth $0.06–0.07/word), complete with free
follow-up. This way, your paper will not only express exactly what you want it to -- it
will also read like a native English speaker wrote it.
We offer two levels of service.

α Translation + Editing Plus!
Translation/editing (see below) + we format the paper (including references; a
$0.025/wd value!
), proofread all figures/tables, and ensure that your reference list
is complete (and that all references are cited in the text).
Click here for more details on what we format (Format Plus! option).

β Translation + Editing
After translating your text, we make your text more understandable, ensure
accurate word choice, and cut out redundancies where possible. That is, we take
the English version and make it better.

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Publish faster, with less effort, and in higher-impact journals.
Avoid costly re-edits and resubmissions, which can easily triple costs.
Write in your native tongue – and let us transform it into natural,
polished English.
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